Web design


Your project does not necessarily need to correspond to one of the following cases and may very well be customised with more or fewer options (see the our quote-request form), but below are the most requested formats :

A- storefront presenting your activity or recovery of an old site : 700 € VATexcl.
B- dynamic website, modular, scalable, together with content management : 1500 €
C- e-commerce website : > 3000 € VATexcl.
D- maintenance of a pre-existing website : 300 € / year VATexcl.

These formulas, however, can benefit from several other options, see below.

A- The presentation storefront: € 700

The first step to gain web presence, it offers a simple modern design to communicate your message clearly.
Your website will be built out according to
latest XHTML and CSS standards.

Full site does not contain more than a dozen pages.
Comes with
2 proposals of artwork / design
First year of
your domain name  and hosting are offered.

B- Dynamic Website with CMS (Content Management System): 1500 €

We also offer fully dynamic sites, that you can easily manage yourself, edit the contents thereof including its graphics and exclusive design.
This one allows you to subsequently add additional options and have it evolve into another format, such online booking, blogs, forums etc. ....
Contact us for an accurate quote corresponding to your case.

Integration of an interface for updating your website
Module update text and images, allowing you to update your site
This will allow you to directly edit the content of your site through a Web browser, and we shall train you to do it.
No technical knowledge is required, if you can surf the Internet, you will be able to update your entire web site in minutes.

C- E-commerce website all-in-one : starting at € 3000

- Dynamic Menu
- Exclusive design
- Automatic map

- Unlimited categories and themes
- Internal advanced search engine
- Search by keyword
- Pre-selections paged
- Presentation of high-end custom-made products

Online sales
- References and unlimited photos
- Automatic optimization module w/ high resolution photo
- Search by keyword
- Set selection and promotion
- Screening
- Product zoom
- Magnifying glass to see product details in very high resolution
- List of accessories to match the item ordered
- Customer loyalty points
- Automatic emails sent for recovery
- Send automatic promotions for events such as "Birthday", "Mother's Day"..
- Virtual shopping cart
- Order
- Customer Recognition
- Automatic invoice

Form and mailing list
- Form attached to your mail
- Supplying a client base form
- Mailing list to inform and target your customers
- Recognition of customers or visitors

- Video
- Audio presentation
- Automatic video conferencing
- Forum (question and answer) moderated
- Chat (chat).

- Counter customizable
- Statistical tools
- Statistical graphics

SEO basic
- Automatic basic SEO Module
- Record field of keywords for online catalog

Payment modules on your site
- Paypal module in your colors, or many other standard solutions
- Https module system with secure mail alert when validating order.

- Zones for partners and advertisers
- Viewer
- Terms
- Photo gallery

Technical support and maintenance included during 12 months (After : support package for 400 €/year)

Database with possibility of backup

INCLUDED / FREE OPTIONS in all previous packages :

Training in the use of site: 3 hours (70 € per additional hour)

Integration of a module for sending newsletters
Integration of a module that allows visitors to register, unsubscribe to your site
Allowing you to manage the mailing list, change the content text and images and send a periodic newsletter

Adding a news module
Has all your news and a calendar of events

Integration of private spaces for your customers or partners
A secure area allows you to reserve a portion of your website your customers or partners.
They can connect to it after
identifying themselves via a password before browsing freely onn the pages of the secure area.

An administration interface allows you to manage access to the secured area. Very easy to use, it also allows update the contents of the secure area (text, images, documents, .. )

Module Comparison
Facillities to choose between several items for your customers
This module will allow them to check their items (up to 4 articles) and make their decision later.
This module attaches to an e-commerce website.

Search System
This option need to quickly find an article or item in a catalog site, an e-commerce, or even an article in e-zine.

Other options:

Forum on your site
Adding a forum integrated with your personalized graphics
Comes with a security system and opportunity to publish the interventions after the approval of your moderator.
€ 490.00

Creation of multilingual versions of your website
Internet is made to communicate with the world, your site must therefore be multilingual.
This solution allows to publish a site in several languages.
It incorporates a simple and quick system to
translate your site by machine translation modules with opportunity to correct the results manually.
It comes with a specific management system implemented in your site including the creation of dynamic pages for the selected languages.
€ 750.00

Customer loyalty
Already have an e-commerce site but not necessarily the module to calculate the vantage points of your best customers ?
The system calculates this for all your customers based on your own schedule ofpoints, convertibleinto gifts or money.
An alert after 30 days is sent to your customers so that they remember that they have earned points and a new command would bring them such a good deal.
This helps to build customer loyalty, or simply acquire them.
Add the anniversary date of the client or his family and an email will be sent automatically to these key dates.
€ 470.00

System responsive
How to tell if your potential customers are interested in your site at all ?
If you send a newsletter via your website, you'll surely want to know who opens it and on which page of your site do they land.
With this module you will be alerted by mail of the email address of potential customers to your site, you can thus,
with regular monitoring, expand
significantly your customer base.
€ 1700.00

Option for e-commerce sites: Adding a catalog of products and services up to 200 items.
Work of data entry and configuration of your products or services.
Catalog management is very simple. It allows you to create complete
pages presenting your products within minutes.
€ 950.00




Managing banners
This module allows you to manage your advertising banners of your sponsors or the duration of the broadcast, the number of monthly broadcast to your site.
- Creating an area for displaying banners in lateral or horizontal mode
- Management of the display time
- Online payment for a determined period of time
- Order by mail Alert
- Validation
by you prior to payment.
- Loading online banner link.
- Field to indicate the name of the image (for SEO)
- Field to link to the site
€ 560.00

Module Accessories
You already have an online store but also want that upon validation of your client's order he may see
accessories or
non intrusive suggestions of related items. These are simple and efficient ideas to help you increase your sales and prove useful for your customers.
€ 260.00

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